Amazon Story & Ra-pé Circule

Roda de Ra-pé or Ra-pé Circule is a sacred Brazilian ritual. It is based on the use of a legal tobacco-based medicine, a mixture of herbs (also called Hape or Hapein). Ritual was used only by tribe members until 20th century. Ra-pé is designed to bring us back to ourselves. It helps us focus, clear our sinuses, detox the body and sharpen the mind. Entire ritual provides a calming, grounding effect, opens the gate between physical and spiritual world, so we can work on our soul's intention. Ra-pé Circule is a best way to connect with yourself after a long day/night at the dance floor! A real-life Amazon Story and Ra-pé Circule are all led by Ivan Nikitović. Ivan is born in Serbia in 1984, a herbalist initiated as Ra-pé Maestro by Waxy, one of Yawanawa tribe leaders. He has been working with the sacred medicinal herbs for the past 17 years. Ivan is perfecting the skills of different plant teachers such as Tobacco, Ayahuasca, Wachuma (San Pedro), and others.

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