Art Alien (Ukraine)

Art Alien is an artist and Psytrance producer, whose art shows inner world and deep emotions as well as life experience. Now Art Alien is traveling with an Exposition and Art Shop across Psytrance Parties Festivals and Events.

We are exclusive shop where you can find UV Paintings, UV Prints, Ceramics, Mixed-Technique Sculpture, Plastic Sculpture, Dolls, Monumental Sculpture, and more ...You can use our products as decoration for house, garden, events and Art Festivals. Might be a good present for your friends who like contemporary Art and creativity.

Art Alien is a psychedelic artist and musician who expresses his inner world and vibrations with the help of his unique artistic style - a mixture of visionary, psychedelic art and surrealism. His unique paintings help the viewers to immerse themselves into another dimension and dive deep into the music. Each canvas is a reflection of life experience and has an encrypted message. Art Alien has been involved in painting, sculpture since early childhood and studied the psychedelic style with such masters as Trootootoo, Ihti Anderson, Dymorphic. Exhibited at different events and festivals throughout Europe and Goa.