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Thursday 21.30

DJ Felipão's journey through the world of music is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together eclectic sounds, from meditative melodies to ecstatic beats, creating an auditory experience that transcends borders and genres. This exploration begins in the serene world of meditation music, where Felipão curates sounds that embody tranquility and spiritual depth. His sets often start with soft, ambient tones that invite listeners to close their eyes and drift into introspection, featuring instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, soft chimes, and ethereal synths.

As the journey progresses, the tempo begins to rise subtly. Moving from meditation to more dynamic rhythms, Felipão introduces traditional instruments from various cultures, such as the African djembe, Indian sitar, and Brazilian berimbau. These sounds blend with electronic beats, creating a fusion that respects traditional roots while pushing into new, experimental territories.


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Anyone have a link to the social media, YouTube or music service of this artist ?

Got to experience him last night at BM and had such an amazing time ! I’d like to hear more from him :-)

Thanks !

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