Move | Create | Release

by Atlas Growing is about self-expression, holding space, and

community. It is a gathering for people to move and share what they need to

through their bodies in a safe and open environment. It starts with guided

movement and exercises that help connect people with their bodies, encourage

creative movement and get out of their head. We explore story telling through the

body; connect with the elements; explore different textures of movement; and

connect with each other. After this section we have a sharing session, where each

mover gets the chance to share while the rest of the group sits and holds space for

them. This session is incredibly powerful, beautiful and healing. I have seen people

transcend language and enter one of the most purest and sacred forms of

communication, which is direct from soul to soul. Without saying a word there is

perfect understanding of what that person is going through in their life. Regardless

of if someone is a trained dancer or never danced a day in their life it is a gift of

greatest beauty to observe people sharing in movement. By the point in the

gathering that we get to sharing, people have already become comfortable in their

bodies and in the community enough to freely express themselves. The Movement

Circle is a unique and beautiful opportunity to deeply connect to others, to release

massively what one has weighing upon them and hold sacred space where each

person is being true. It is healing, inspiring and fulfilling because of the visceral

honesty and acceptance experienced as a community.