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Ojos de Dios by Patricia Gontijo

My name is Patricia Gontijo, Mandalas Ojos de Dios Artisan since 2016. I am originally from Brazil, but recently living in Germany. I have done more than 1000 mandalas from all sizes, including 16 sides and made with iron sticks, very heavy. In Brazil, there are only 3 people doing gigants mandalas and I am one of them. Such mandalas can take up to 2m size.

In the Mandala Workshop people can teach a bit of this amazing art originally from Mexico and can teach also how to make their own mandala with 4 sides or 8. Mandalas are energy portals and purification that help us in the cure, in meditation and in the search for inner peace and self knowledge.

come and discover yourself in this experience, which mixes the art of weaving with the power of mandalas.

Info: Those who attend the workshop will be provided with sticks and wool. You don't have to bring anything.



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