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René Amstalden

As an abstract artist, I am dedicated to the expressive portrayal of emotions through my artwork. My artistic journey culminates at the BurningMountain Festival, where I celebrate the fusion of art and emotion. Inspired by the endless expanses of the universe and the depth of human emotion, I explore the boundaries of abstraction and create paintings that are fascinating in their complexity. My painting technique is a synthesis of traditional methods and modern approaches. By using UV paints and overlaying different layers, I create a visual spectacle that becomes an immersive experience through the use of 3D glasses. My artwork transports the viewer into a world beyond the visible, where colors and shapes merge into a hypnotic dance. As part of the BurningMountain Festival, I want to push the boundaries of what can be experienced and build a bridge between art and consciousness. My works invite you to dive into the depths of your own emotions and be enchanted by the magic of the moment. Welcome to my world of abstract emotions - may it ignite your senses and touch your hearts.





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