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René Amstalden

René Amstalden lives with his family in Bülach. His charming and lovingly furnished studio forms an oasis of creativity for the emergence of his abstract works of art. With increasing attention and appreciation for him and his art, the dream of fully concentrating on creative work comes closer. Besides art, his little daughter, his wife who fully supports him, good friends and his constant personal and spiritual development are important to him.

In a small and intimate setting, he likes to pass on his expertise, tips and tricks full of enthusiasm and joy. Getting ahead together and sharing success is a core value for René. He has been working in the social sector as a work coach for 15 years. He carries a deep conviction that everyone can be an artist and be creative.

Statement of the artist

I love to express myself artistically and without filters. It is a privilege and I am grateful to live this reality. Abstract art allows the viewer to make their own interpretation and yet still manages to amaze people and make them think. To even draw them under its spell. This power fascinates me.

In my art I experiment with different styles and colors. Every session I reinvent myself and my creative expression. The experiences, feelings and thoughts of the day, week and year, flow out of me onto the canvas and everything changes again. Over time, I developed a passion for pouring paint. I love this flow of color, uncontrolled and free and yet there are certain laws. With straight lines and clear shapes I create a certain order and contrast with the wild and seemingly chaotic. My confrontation and interaction with it, fascinates me. Completely perplexed, I sometimes stand in front of my pictures and lose myself in it.

More and more spiritual influences find their way into my pictures. It is a fascinating journey. Come along!

I love what I do and I love life. Thank you!



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