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  • What is the burning mountain festival?
    Burning Mountain Festival is a 4 days experience of radical self expression and self commitment. It's not about consuming, it is about participating. The goal of the Festival is all about community and culture. It’s an open canvas where you can leave your marks. It’s a social survival camp. As our social life is transforming more and more into a digital way, we want to be able to connect and exchange and interact “offline” with each other.
  • I bought a ticket but never got it - what should i do?
    Usually, when this occurs, the ticket has not really been charged on your credit card. If you are sure it has been billed, then the mail maybe went into your spam folder. If this is also not the case, then please send an email to and send an inquiry about your ticket purchase.
  • How do i get to the festival?
    Please check our travel information page for all the details.
  • What is the average temperature in Zernez?
    Please read our survival guide. Bring really warm clothes and a rainjacket. Prepare for all weather. The nights are usually VERY COLD at around 5-10 degrees Celsius. Days can get over 30 degrees C° if its sunny. Bring plenty of sun protection (also for the lips) and drink enough water (remember: only clear piss is good piss).
  • Can i arrive on the festival a day before the start?
    No you can't! You can stay in Zernez, there is also a campsite, but you won't be able to enter the festival area before the starting date.
  • How much is a train ticket from Zurich to Zernez?
    If you come from abroad, a return ticket for an adult from Zurich or the airport is roughly CHF 120.-. You can check prices here: You can also take our shuttle bus Baden, Zürich -> Zernez. Tickets for the shuttle are available:
  • Will there be showers?
    There are showers available close to the entrance. Tipp: wait till the afternoon and catch a warm or even hot shower.
  • Are there ATM machines on site?
    No, there is no ATM at the festival. There is an ATM machine in Zernez. You can pay with credit card, Maestro, Debitcards etc. BUT we still recommend to bring enough cash with you.
  • Can i bring my drinks to the festival? food?
    When you enter the festival for the fist time, you are allowed to bring either 6 litres of beer OR 6 litres of softdrinks. Glass bottles are prohibited. You are not allowed to bring hard liquor. Please note: the camping site and the festival area are the same. Refill instead of throwing away - We recommend you bring a refillable bottle, there is a water station on the mainfloor and by the entrance where you can always refill your water for free. You can bring your own food.
  • Will there be free water available?
    Water will be available for free from the tab at the festival (there are two tabs). Keep your plastic bottles (NO glass) to refill them and to help us reduce waste.
  • Can i bring a gas cooker or grill?
    Yes you can bring any kind of cooker and cook your own meals. Just make sure that if you want to cook with fire or coal, you will bring a grill to prevent damage to the ground. Disposable barbecues/grills are prohibited.
  • Are there shuttle buses from the train station in Zernez to the festival?
    There will be shuttle buses from the train station Zernez to the festival and back. At night you have to wait until a bus fills up and then it leaves, about 2-3 times per hour. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. There are NO shuttle to Susch or any other village. It’s also possible to walk, around 15-20 min to Zernez. You first transfer upon arrival at the train station in Zernez is free with your festival ticket. After that, you can buy a no-limit Weekend Pass for 10 CHF at the gate or in presale (recommended): (Shuttlebus Zernez train station)
  • Can i buy a ticket from someone or sell my ticket?
    Yes you can. The tickets are not personalized so you don't have to change the name on the ticket. We recommend that you only buy or sell your ticket via Ticketswap.
  • Where can i sell my ticket if i can't go?
    You can post your ticket on our event page on Facebook. Alternatively you might want to try services like Ticketswap. Please be aware that we advice people not to buy tickets from other unofficial sites or via private social media profiles. There has been a lot of scams in the past. The Tickets are not personalized, so you can purchase a ticket without changing the name on the ticket.
  • Can i pay with Euros?
    Yes you can post with Euros on site, but the exchange rate will be 1 EUR = 1 CHF. It might be better to change some money before arriving at the event.
  • Until when does the festival goes on?
    Our music programm stops on Sunday at 5pm. You can stay on the campsite until Monday at noon.
  • Can i plug in my electric device?
    We do not provide power outlets. Bring your own generator if you need electrical power. Or rent a locker, please read all the information carefully:
  • Can i apply as a DJ to perform?
    No, unfortunately, you can't apply as a dj or liveact.
  • I'm a vendor, can i sell my stuff at the festival?"
    Please send us an email to
  • i'm an artist but not a musician, can i apply to exhibit my art or create something?"
    Yes you can, please send us an email to
  • Do you sell daily tickets? What costs a ticket if i come on sat/sun? Do gate prices get reduced?
    There are NO daily tickets but the prices are staggered. Gate prices are as following: Thursday 27.06.2024 1pm till Saturday 29.06.2024 12pm 240 CHF Saturday 29.06.2024 12pm 200 CHF Saturday 29.06.2024 6pm 170 CHF Saturday 29.06.2024 00:00 midnight 120 CHF Sunday 30.06.2024 6am 60 CHF Love & light
  • Do you have a lost & found office? Where can i find my lost object?
    On site, you can check at the entrance or at the bar if we have found your lost item. We will post all lost & found objects on our facebook page within 1-3 days after the event. If you see your object, please send us an email ( or private message on facebook including your full address so we can send your valued item to you.
  • When do you release the festival photos? When will you publish the aftermovie?
    We usually publish the festival photos 4-6 weeks after the event. The aftermovie takes a bit longer to produce and is usually released 1-2 months after the event. Thanks for your patience.
  • Why is Burning Mountain a cashless event?
    The cashless system simplifies processes at the points of sale and thus reduces waiting times. Processes can also be made more efficient behind the scenes. Our festival has actually always been cashless, the only new thing is that you load the money onto your wristband.
  • How is the credit topped up?
    As soon as you have purchased your ticket, you can create an account and top up the desired credit. Your credit will be saved on your ticket code. When you exchange your wristband at the box office, the credit will be loaded onto your wristband. Alternatively, you can top up your cashless account at the top-up station on site. However, depending on how busy it is, you may have to wait.
  • What payment methods are available for topping up?
    Credit oder Debit card, TWINT, cash (only at the Top-Up station on site)
  • How can I top up my wristband during Burning Mountain?
    You can top up your wristband at the top-up station with your credit card, debit card, TWINT or cash. You can also top up your wristband online with your credit card or TWINT at any time without queuing. The wristband can be topped up as often as you like.
  • Do I have to create a Cashless account?
    No, but we recommend it because you: - Can access your expenses at any time - You can top up your balance at any time - Your wristband and therefore your credit can be blocked at any time if you lose your wristband or it is stolen - You can have your remaining credit refunded after the Burning Mountain.
  • Do I have to create a new cashless account if I have already created one at the last Burning Mountain?
    No, you do not need to create a new cashless account. You can register with the same login details as in previous years. The transactions from previous years are no longer visible.
  • How can I top up my wristband without a Cashless account?
    If you have not opened an account in advance, you can top up your wristband at the Top-Up station with cash, TWINT or your bank card. You can also create an account online at any time and top up your wristband without queuing.
  • What do I do if I have lost my wristband?
    You can block your wristband at the Top-Up Station and have a new one activated. We will transfer your credit to the new wristband. However, this only works if you have created an account. Unfortunately, we cannot block your wristband without an account.
  • Is there a fee for using the cashless system?
    There is a one time activation fee of CHF 2.- per wristband.
  • How does the refund work?
    You can reclaim your remaining credit via our website from Monday, July 1st, 2024, 12:00 noon until August 30, 2024. You also have the option of donating your remaining balance - or part of it - to the Burning Mountain association. Already have a Cashless account? Log in to your account and press "Refund". The balance will be automatically credited to your bank account. Don't have a Cashless account yet? To claim your credit back, you need to register on the Burning Mountain website. You will need the code of your Cashless wristband (on the chip) and your bank account details. Please note: After August 30, 2024, your credit will be reset to CHF 0.00.
  • What about data protection?
    The data collected is only used for legally required payment processing and is not used for advertising purposes.
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