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Ticket information


  • All tickets include 4 days at the festival.

  • We don't sell day-passes

  • We advice to buy your tickets in advance as they can sell out

  • Tickets are non-refundable

  • You must bring your ticket(s) with you to enter Burning Mountain. You won't be admitted without a valid ticket

  • Camping is included in the ticket

Parking Tickets

  • Parking area tickets for CAR / CAMPER / CARAVAN are ONLY available in pre sale

  • Vehicles with a trailer don’t need any extra ticket

  • It's not allowed to pitch tents in the parking area

How to buy tickets:

  • With Credit Card (Visa-, Mastercard, American Express)

  • At the Festival gate - though we recommend buying in advance

  • Tickets can be printed at home

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