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Survival Guide

- Important to read -


Welcome to the Burning Mountain experience. This is not your average camping trip. You will spend your time in a natural environment with unpredictable weather conditions. Zernez lies 1440m above sea level and is nested in the middle one of the highest inhabited valleys of Europe, the Engadine.

Prepare for every weather situation!

Even though the Engadin is one of the driest regions of Switzerland, it can rain.  This can be for minutes or hours. It rarely rains for days, but rain above 1500m brings also cold air. Please bring waterproof tents, shoes and clothes.

On rare occasions, storms can swipe through the valley with winds up to 60km/h. Please check your camp that you tie down everything and don’t let stuff lie around that can get blown away. The nights are usually calm and with less or no wind at all.

In the night, temperatures can drop significantly. Even in good weather conditions, temperatures at night are rarely above 10° Celsius. Bring warm clothes and a good sleeping bag, you will need it. Isolation sheets below your tent can help to keep moisture and cold from your tent additionally.
Bring a warm hat to keep your head warm at nights and hang around one of the many fires if you are cold.

During the day, it can get very hot (30° C). The amount of UV rays in the mountains are higher. Combined with the wind, you don’t feel the burning sun. This can lead to dehydration, sunburns and sunstrokes. Protect your skin with sunscreen. Bring shade structures (please don’t bring cheap Chinese pagodas/pavillons, they are just being swept away by the wind). Bring a hat to wear.

Your health is at risk!

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. You should drink at least 2L of water per day. Remember: only clear piss is good piss  Alcohol and coffee are dehydrating your body additionally. So if you drink booze, don’t forget to fill your water bottle regularly. We provide several stations with free drinking water. So take a sip from that fresh clear alpine mineral water.

Dangers ahead

Just next to the festival area is the river „Inn“. During the day you can go down to the riverbed and stay on the beach or take a dip. Please be aware that the water level in this river can rise fast and without warning. That’s why camping and access during the night is forbidden!

The main street that leads to Zernez from the festival is the only road leading through the Engadin valley. That’s why traffic can be fast (80km/h) and some drivers are reckless. We provide a save corridor next to the road and a save crossing. Please DO NOT walk along the street on unmarked paths as there have been accidents!

Saver Raving

Wanna do drugs at the festival? Each usage entails risks. Prior to indulging, learn about the potential effects and risks at the eve&rave space. We provide an info booth with safer use material, a small chillout area and a psychedelic ambulance. Seek assistance if you experience discomfort. Should you wish to discuss your encounters, feel free to share your experiences. Our dedicated Psycare team will support you throughout the entire journey. Locate us close to the Curame chillout space.

A word about authorities

Please be aware that while you are here, you have to respect Swiss laws. This means that government officials are allowed to stop and search you if there is a suspicion. You are legally obliged to tell your name and show your ID. Possession of illegal substances will lead to a fine. Police in Switzerland do not have the unconditional right to confiscate and destroy cannabis quantities less than 10 grams, the country’s Federal Court has ruled.

Safety First

We provide a first aid station for more severe injuries or accidents. Our first aid team is responsible for exactly this, to deliver first aid. If they can’t handle it the ambulance on site will drive a patient to the next hospital which is 30min away. Short first aid is provided for free. Longer and more intensive treatments may cause costs to the patient, especially if a transport to a hospital is involved.

Saver Sex

Even though HIV rates in Switzerland and low, this does not mean you should gamble with your life. Bring condoms and play it save!

Chill before hitting the road

If you come by car, please be sure to be fully rested before you start your journey here and back. You can stay on our camping space until Monday at noon. There are known controls by police on the roads leading to and from Zernez on Sunday.

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