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Charal (Zernez, Engadin, Swiss Alps).

The festival location is on 1470 m above sea level in the middle of the Engadin mountains and next to the river Inn.


On 40 acres there is enough space for 4 dancefloors and a free campsite.


The village of Zernez is within 10-15 minutes walking distance and offers top infrastructure like hotels, restaurants, ATM machines and shops.

The undisputed top attraction here is Switzerland’s only national park, whose 170 square kilometres harbour an exceptional wealth of alpine animal and plant life in a wild and untouched mountain landscape. It is the country’s largest natural reserve – and its most spectacular.

Caravan parking

Caravans (campervans/motorhomes/trailers) are parked outside the festival area at the camper parking space. The parking for camper costs CHF 49.- per vehicule. Normal cars and tents are not allowed in the caravan parking. The only exception to this rule are rooftop tents on normal cars. From the caravan parking it’s a short walk to the festival entrance. Access to the camper parking opens on Thursday at 10 am, and lasts until Monday noon (12pm). The caravan parking tickets are only available in presale. There is no power or water connection at the caravan parking.

Car parking

We recommend the use public transport to the festival. However, you may come by private cars. Cars have to be parked at the car parking area (outside the festival). It’s a short walk to the festival grounds. Access to the car parking opens on Thursday at 10 am and lasts until Monday noon (12pm). Tickets for the car parking area costs CHF 35.- per car. The parking tickets are only available in the presale.


The festival and campsite open on Thursday, 1 pm. The campsite is inside the festival fenced area and is included in the festival ticket.

Festival facilities

  • 4 entertainment areas / stages

  • Plenty of space for camping

  • Camping is included in all ticket prices

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Variety of food stalls (great vegetarian options too)

  • Craft market

  • Art gallery

  • Workshops

  • On site medical service

  • Friendly and vigilant security guards

  • World class decor & art installations

  • Fire show und fireworks


Garbage Deposit

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. We kindly ask you to reduce, reuse and recycle your trash and limit your waste footprint. Please take everything home that you bring with you.

Since years we try to minimize the trash people leave behind. 


Therefore we decided to introduce a trash deposit of 10 CHF which has to be paid together with the festival pass.


Here is how it works: you will get a rubbish bag at the entrance. When you are departing, the campsite has to be cleaned and the full bag returned. The deposit will only be refunded if the bag is returned full with your trash!


We kindly ask you to check the opening hours for the  trash deposit in the festivalguide on site. We thank you for your understanding and efforts!

Some quick rules

  • Buy the parking ticket in the presale!

  • Always wear your wristband

  • Leave pets at home

  • Please understand that the lineup can change

  • Due to safety reason you'll be checked upon entry

  • At first entry you're allowed to bring a total of 6 liters of beer OR 3 liters of wine at first entry

  • NO glass and NO hard liquor can be taken inside

  • Because of legal reasons only people from the age of 18 are allowed at the festival

  • Please don't take drugs at our festival and if you do, take them responsible and stick to safer use rules

  • Please don't take any guns / knives / fireworks or other potentially dangerous items with you

  • We don't refund your tickets

  • Clean up after yourselfes

Please make sure to read our

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