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Alessio Schmed

He grew up in a small village in the swiss alps where he is enjoying life to this day. Not far from his home, his first psytrance rave took place in Falera, organized by Patronus Records. The music, the people and the fantastic decoration in combination with mind-altering substances have strongly and positively influenced his life and led him to bring psychedelic hallucinations on paper to make people happy. He is bringing his visions into reality with any tool he can get his hands on, from pen and paper to digital media as well as recently exploring the world of tattoos. Having met him, he is a radiating and joyful person, always rising the vibrations of his surrounding. His visionary art can be witty, joking, dark, gruesome and spiritual. His works never miss to astonish a good observer, having a steady and precise hand guided by a kindhearted soul.



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