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A Contemporary vinyasa yoga class to connect and share from the vibration of your Baseline - Heartbeat. Let your inner sound system catapult you into another dimension. Let the bass sneak up on you, Time and space move you, sound heel, and your breath drug you. Deep within you, you know what's right for you and what is true. Let the mind surrender. Your mind becomes more relaxed and trusting. You become your Main Stage. Dark but loving. Grounded but light. It's all about balancing dualities, hugging and feeling them. Suppose you find it hard to drop in, or you feel like you need to learn more about where you are heading or how to get there. In that case, this class comes as a confirmation that these are healthy signs of a beneficial shift from head to hearth. This class is a sweet reminder that you are now more powerful than ever. Your Baseline (heartbeat) is in harmony with your adventure; whatever may appear, all unfolds according to the beat of love. You included.



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