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Brigitte Heeb – Galactic History & Light Language Talk

If you look at Brigittes Natal chart, you will clearly see the path of the mystic, hermit, healer and sage. With 10 years working in the plant medicine space she has had opportunity to meet herself at many levels and begin integrating galactic aspects of herself. She is currently focused on anchoring into her body 7th – 9th dimensional aspects of herself but reminds us that we are all part of the ONE. In this talk she aims to inspire us to truly look at our galactic history in the 15th dimensional time matrix in order to perhaps understand where we as a race can re-empower ourselves as we build a new earth. Themes of this talk: Think founder races & species, the lies we have been told, inverted matrices, the New Earth, Quantum Architecture & light language.

Brigitte – Psilocybin Facilitator, Breathwork Facilitator, Santa Maria Breathwork Facilitator, Trauma Release & Ascension Guide.



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