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Chasztuka scenography

Charlotte Szymendera is a plastic artist from Bordeaux, France.

She is a graduate of Imma-Concept and Créasud-Condé design schools in Bordeaux and also of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Known as CSZ or Charlotte SZ, she creates large sculptures of animals in steel.

Her training as a designer allows her to get a modern and sleek geometrical aesthetic.

She offers us the opportunity to approach wild animals and, in the same way, to appreciate their scale.

The airy and clean style of her sculptures give back to animal it stealthy nature.

Concerning the event and the scenography, she introduces herself as CHASZTUKA : CHA for Charlotte, SZ for Szymendera and SZTUKA which mean "art" in polish. This letters fusion is a wink to her polish origins.

Chasztuka does her best to create disproportionate works of art, impacting by their dimensions, their style and their energy.

She suggests an ethnic and spiritual approach through airy and geometrical artistic forms.

fb : @charlotte sz

instagram :  @chasztuka



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