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Fabrizio Gut

Fabrizio aka Breezy is an artist from Lucerne whose interests and passion are expressed in various creative forms. He devotes himself to painting, modeling, music and works with a wide variety of materials. His work is broadly diversified and ranges from abstract to finely patterned pieces.

In the world of painting, Fabrizio gives free rein to his abstract side, a play of lines, circles and contrasts that transports the viewer's eyes into a surreal world.

However, Breezy does not limit himself to the canvas, but also extends to the creation of sculptures and models. He works with various materials such as plasticine, clay, wood and metal. With dedication and precision, he sculpts figures inspired by the natural world.

Since one of his goals is to inspire, he will also be giving a workshop to introduce us to the art of modeling.

Come along and lend a hand, let's create a sculpture together.



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