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Fire Crew by Yantra Fire & Arts

Yantra fire & arts is a collective of artists from Italy. Our concept of entertainment is the right balance between performance, make-up and bodyart. Over the years we have collaborated with numerous artists and professionals, enriching our team more and more. We have dealt with the performance direction of various festivals such as Burning Mountain, Wao Festival, Black Moon Festival and others and with the organization of the fire space in the main

juggling conventions in Europe. We are ready again this year with our team to amaze and enchant you in the magic of fire. See you on the mountain.

Maximilian Kopp:

Borned 1994 in Munich but raised in Ibiza (Spain) he already began to see in young ages the magic of streetarts and Performing. His passion about expression arts began with breakdance and playing music in a band. Later on when he went back to Germany, he discovers a whole new hobby for himself: Flowarts. After years of practice he mastered the skills of different staffs like Dragon Staff, Contact Staff or Contact Sword and began to perform as a fire artist for friends and birthdays. After that he started to perform in Weddings and also some Festivals, included the Burning Mountain Festival in Switzerland. Expanding his skills and Acting together with music synchronization and expression movement he delivers for sure an act to remember.

After finishing this year his grade as a Constructor Engineer he wants clearly to push his profession as a street and fire artist.

Revenok Liudmyla

Ether show exists from 2013. Performed for more than 10 countries of the world, from festivals to TV shows, from esoteric communities to dark techno. Every new show it's a step to find ourselves in a new community and to bring it further, mixed with energies already exists.

Main concept:

There is no observed and observer. Everything becomes one and You are the part of magic.

Luca Stahl

Im Luca

I discovered fire & flow four years ago and picked up many different props over the time. I started with contact staff and its crazy how a stick as simple as it is can teach you so much about the complex experience of life. After mastering the staff i picked up juggling and discovered its magic. Today im mostly manipulating 3 staffs and mix contact and juggling into one style. On stage i want to show our potential as human beings and connect with the audience and kindle a flame that you can keep burning.

Louis Shakana

My name is Louis Shakana NataraJah playing with fire since 11 years and professionally since 2017 in the Belgian fire group Oersprong.

Here i upgraded my skills with contact/spinning staff, (double) swords and fans. I also learned to dance with other fireperformers and dance with a choreography. We made 2 times 16 fireshows at Belgian's largest Christmas fare and performed at the BOOM Festival 2018 in Portugal.


I'm from Italy, based in Milan.

I'm a Fire - Led performer and flow artist. I started my career in 2018 as a hobby, discovering a love for juggling and show.

I am an energetic girl who likes to convey her passion to the public. My performances are dance, alongside DJs or dance with Fire and Led for events.

I love Fire juggling and performing during the day with ribbons, veli fans and levi sticks.

Luca Mariani

I love play flow arts and cats.

I start to play juggling 9 years ago with diablo than i explore other props like poi, staff, dragonstaff... I discovered that i love all the props.

I like play with fire and i love practice for hours but my best moment is at the sunset! I love practice during the sunset.

I think that flow arts are an instrument to feel ourself and meditate, like an introspecting trip.



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