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Hannah Goedhart

Hannah Goedhart is a multi-disciplinary artist searching for a way to combine dance

and music with art and particularly with projections. She works often with professional

dancers and musicians. She is specialized in geometric installations, video,

projection and dance performances.

Hannah studied at ArtEZ, University of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She had

her exhibition at the ArtEZ Finals in 2017 and she graduated in 2018. She did her

final internship at KunstLAB in Arnhem. After that she started her own business as an

visual artist, veejay and art educator. She performes her work at festivals, parties, art

exhibitions and events.

Hannah is inspired by the sacred geometry. In her latest installation Ennea, which is

exhibited at the Burning Mountain Festival, you can find three of the five platonic

solids (tetrahedron, cube and the octahedron), which are part of the sacred




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