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Intermediate & Advanced Hula Hoop Workshop

Friday 17.00

Welcome to the exciting Intermediate & Advanced Hula Hoop Workshop, designed to enhance your hula hooping skills and add a dynamic element to your festival experience! This workshop is perfect for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their hula hoop artistry to the next level.

Under the expert guidance of Edita Deveroux, a HoopGalaxy & Hoopnotica® certified teacher of Hoop Dance and Hoop Fitness, along with her experience as a Master Instructor, fitness instructor, and personal trainer, you are in excellent hands. Edita's early training began in the vibrant world of the Czechoslovakian Circus and Cabaret, where from the tender age of 8 to 14, she honed her performance skills and developed a profound passion for movement arts.



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