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You have everything you need inside you for living your full power. The time here and now is the most valuable thing we have.

Therefore, it is even more important that you take care of yourself, recognize your boundaries and wishes and stand up for them. For being able to do this it is helpful to get to know your strengthening inner voice.

Intuition allows us to access our subconscious mind as it is connected to a network of stored information, experiences and emotions without using the mind and conscious reasoning

In this workshop you are invited to dive into a journey in which we will explore....

  • How to recognize that your intuition is speaking to you and strengthen your connection to this voice in everyday life

  • What can block your intuition and how to overcome these challenges

  • How intuition can enrich your relationships and help you unlock your personal potentials

  • How you can distinguish your self-doubts and fears from your deeper truth.

  • How you can make (difficult) decisions, gain clarity for your path and how you can walk it more easily.

  • As an inner protest facilitator Géraldine Ehrler guides you through simple and powerful exercises, inputs and tricks so that you can find answers to the questions in your life.



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