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Jasmin Hila

Jasmin ist an independent German-Israeli artist, who grew up in Germany and Italy. Since she was young she was always the quiet one, living in her one world, getting lost for hours in her creativity. As soon as she graduated she began to travel and on her travels she has found her unique style. As she was and is backpacking for years and wants to travel light most of her paintings are made with pencils on paper. Her paintings are influenced by the beauty of nature, the fascination of neuroscience and quantum physics and the reflection of the emotional states she’s gone threw. She is painting intuitively, not sketching before and she not knowing, what would develop. Sometimes these processes can be complex and it takes up to two years to finish a painting.

In 2021 she got accepted at ZHDK (Zurich University of Art), but in the end, she decided, that after so many years of living independent and free of choice, studying was not the right way. But she realized, that the application was more the choice for the art rather than for university. And since then she was involved in some art projects around Europe, she was doing murals in different places as for example the ETH in Lausanne. Since July 2022 she is running her own jewelry business and right now she is working on a project to design surf-, and skateboards.

But not only for the visual arts she would define herself as an artist, but for the whole way of living her life.




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