René Amstalden was born and raised in Zurich in District 3. The likeable Swiss with Brazilian roots is thoroughly Aquarius, a true freethinker and globetrotter, constantly on the lookout for new adventures and inspirations.

He currently lives and works with his family in Bülach. Since March 2019 he is the proud father of a little daughter. The family means everything to René and gives him the necessary energy to express himself artistically. He likes to retire to his studio at Solistrasse 74, 8180 Bülach and works intensively on his artworks. He is always happy about visits and stimulating conversations.

His work is the result of experimenting with paints and adhesives. René also loves to make works of art from objects that people throw away and call waste.

He is fascinated by the process of transforming something that seems old into something new and beautiful. He wants to encourage people to increasingly question their consumer behaviour, to consider more consciously whether it is really necessary to buy everything anew and throw it away. He also wants to show the viewer of his works new ways in which things can be viewed and how he can develop as a human being.

In the end for René it means "shut up and make art".