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René Amstalden

I love to express myself artistically and without filters. It is a privilege and I am grateful to live this reality. Abstract art allows the viewer to make their own interpretation and yet still manages to amaze people and make them think. Even to draw them under its spell. This power fascinates me.

In my art I experiment with different styles and colours. Every session I reinvent myself and my creative expression. The experiences, feelings and thoughts of the day, week and year, flow out of me onto the canvas and everything changes again. Over time I developed a passion for pouring colours. I love this flow of colour, uncontrolled and free and yet there are certain laws. With straight lines and clear shapes I create a certain order and contrast to the wild and seemingly chaotic. My confrontation and interaction with it fascinates me. Sometimes I stand completely perplexed in front of my pictures and lose myself in them.

More and more spiritual influences find their way into my paintings. It is a fascinating journey. Come with me!

I love what I do and I love life. Thank you!





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