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Nora alex

Nora alex is a graphic designer and artist born in Zurich. A deep

passion for art, drawing & aesthetics is part of her life since she can


After one year full time art school as a teen she went into an

apprenticeship as an interior designer combined with the matura

degree. Missing creativity and femininity in this profession, she

decided to study art education at Züricher Hochschule der Künste

(ZHdK. There she found the longing for creativity and art meeting

psychology and purpose work.

While her bachelor study organically a graphic coaching business

started to grow alongside to the work as a Yoga teacher. Her passion

in graphics is to create a memorable visual language that expresses

the offering and the intention of the client.

Finally she finds herself in a life that allows her to work very close with

people. At the same time there is space for diving deeper into art


“Drawing is a part of me since I can hold a pen. It`s a silent and often

clearer way to express myself than talking.”




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