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ORI of Onul

2019 Burning Mountain Festival, Switzerland

2018 Sacred Aeon Festival, Turkey

2018 Infected Festival ,Portugal 2018 Fora de Tempo Festival,Portugal

2017 O.Z.O.R.A Festival ,Mirador Gallery Group Exhibiton-Dadpuszta-Hungary. 2017 Worldwide International Poster Event, Rome-Italy. 2016 Goin Festival Land Art Project, Izmir-Turkey 2015 Psychedelic Art Gallery Group Exhibition, Istanbul-Turkey

2015 Erdemir Steel and Life Sculpture Competition Exhibition , Istanbul-Turkey 2014 MSFAU Department of Sculpture Group Exhibition, Istanbul-Turkey 2014 Young Entrepreneurs Sculpture Competition Exhibition, Istanbul-Turkey. 2013 İpek-Ahmet Merey Sculpture Competition Exhibition , Istanbul-Turkey 2012 Lions Club Sculpture Exhibition , Istanbul-Turkey



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