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Performance Artists

Noel Fehlmann

Noel's Flame Effects

Noel is a talented Flow and Fire Artist based in Switzerland.

He started his journey as a Flowartist back in 2012, inspired by a Fireshow at Burning

Mountain Festival.

This year he will be celebrating 10 years of Flowarts on the stage of Burning Mountain.

Returning to the Festival for the 4th time, Noel will bring some crazy 3 staff fire action, for

which he is well known. As well multiple other props with huge flames and lots of skills.

Check out his Instagram @noelfehlmann and his Website

Yelyzaveta Chyzh

Professional Fire and LED performer and eclectic dancer from Ukraine. Based in Goa, India

for the last 2,5 years, regularly performing all over the country at the weddings, corporate

events, festivals, clubs, private parties etc. Before the pandemic has been performing in

European psytrance festivals like Burning Mountain, One Love, Indian Spirit, Ozora.

Specialising in fire fans and fire wings, mixing the spinning technique with various dance

styles to create unique and emotional show. Also performing with pixel fans, LED wings and

veil fans, as well as flag poi and veils in the daytime.

Miguel Reyes

Professional Fire and LED performer with 13 years of experience. Resident performer at

Hilltop - famous psytrance openair club in Goa (India) and other clubs and events around

India for the last 10 years during the winter seasons, as well as Russian and European

trance festivals in summer season.

Fire props maker, LED costumes designer and maker, still walker. Specialising in epic fire

props like flamethrowers, fire pyramids, swords, staff, pyrotechnics

Revenok Liudmyla

Ether show exists from 2013. Performed for more than 10 countries of the world, from

festivals to TV shows, from esoteric communities to dark techno. Every new show it's a step to find ourselves in a new community and to bring it further, mixed with energies already exists.

Main concept:

There is no observed and observer. Everything becomes one and YOU are the part of magic.



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