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Riccardo Chiavenato, fine Italian artist, make-up artist and painter, uses bodypainting as a privileged form of art because it is impermanent and temporary, to celebrate the present moment.

The art that does not remain over time, the meticulous art that washes away, that dresses a soul for a moment.

Particularly attracted by everything that is nature, in its perfect shapes and colors, Riccardo experiences it in his works looking for a meeting point between two very different worlds ... Civilized man and his ancestral origins.

Since he became Italian vice-champion in 2017, his research doesn't stop, but continues incessantly, through different styles, and participating in various festivals, to amaze and enchant the public with a millenary art, but at the same time more and more current and evolving.

Facebook: Riccardo Chiavenato



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