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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

We welcome you to a sacred ceremony in which we come together in a circle, dive deep into our hearts & connect with our deepest source of being.- In communion, harmony and peace.

In this ceremony we will immerese ourselves into a fusion of deep meditation, healing sounds and Mama Cacao. Together we will drink and celebrate this plant, connect with each other and at the same time experience a deep self- awareness with the support of guided meditation, breathwork and the healing sounds of a steel tongue drum.

We invite you to completly dive into the moment, without any expectations from the outer word. Just BE, letting the feelings flow and connect.

But what is this Cacao all about ?

Cacao in its purest form is a very sacred and healthy plant and much more than we know from our supermarkets. It contains a lot of minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron, many antioxidants, supports the release of serotonin and dopamin and contains theobromine which works like caffeine but without the energy drop.

This is just a short insight. Cacao contains about 1200 healthy ingrediens and apart of this, the spirit of this plant softly supports us to dive deep into our inner world, let go of blockades and strengthens the connection to ourselves, nature and other people.

In a lovely way Cacao helps us to open our hearts, to connect with our intuition and with the vibrancy of our being. From thousands of years indigous people have been connecting with this sacred plant for ceremonial and healing purposes. A mayan legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalnce between human and nature cacao comes from the rainforest to open peoples hearts an return the planet to a state of harmony. And know Cacao comes to the burning mountain to connect with you.

Do you hear the call?

From heart to heart,

Lia & Oliver



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