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Sascha Lauber - Natural Art

Natural-Art stands for the creation of products from wood, reflecting the character and shape of trees.

In Celtic mythology, the tree of life represents the symbolism of life, health, prosperity. This power gives him the earth goddess "Erduinna" who is the protector of all life. The branches represent families and their cohesion, as well as a healthy life in harmony with nature. Each tree stands for strength, motivation, life and good energy, which positively influence our well-being.

Thus, these products are intended to bring the character of the life of a tree into your space, as well as to give a warm, invigorating energy to your environment. My products are made with great care and partly by hand. Be it tables, chairs, benches, chests or even beds.

Even in interior design you can bring the characteristics of the trees with round wood into the light. The branches of a tree are exactly the branches of life which are looking for new light. Round wood in the living space harmonizes in a positive way on our health and well-being.

The energetic flow has an enormous positive effect on our body. Especially on the psyche. In contrast to a sterile white painted living space.

I can speak from conviction. So I spent a long time in two different places with different architectural styles. A round wood stair railing is not only beautiful to look at, but it also enlivens and inspires us. It opens our interior. Two columns of 40 cm tree trunks swing quite differently than a reinforced concrete beam.

If you pay attention to the phases of the moon, after sunset March 1, you can even cut non-combustible logs that can withstand a large fire, - with all metal and steel parts melted away.

For the most part, in today's wood processing, much emphasis is placed on knotless solid wood for furniture and so on. Thus, it deprives the wood of its vitality and natural characteristics.

I would like to reach with my conversions exactly those customers, who strive for a change on an extravagant style. Of course, I also work in the traditional style. But I prefer to be able to do what I am strong in by conviction.

All products are made in a very ecological way. This means that the waste of the wood is as minimal as possible. For the elaboration of furniture and other objects I also put the recycling of wood scraps in the foreground. Much of my boxes / benches / tables I make from scrap wood / logs and black parts that show this beautiful sapwood shape of the wood. From the firewood I always like to help myself to leftovers. These tend to creativity and rebirth of ideas. Every day that begins without a plan. Can end proudly in the evening with a great idea goal.

With the scrap wood it is then also about beams / wall elements, which were removed somewhere during a demolition and partly then end up in the disposal. I also sometimes buy such wood on a contract basis. The big work is then rather the entnageln and the finishing with a structure brush, the wood an old "new" Glanz verleihet. Combined with round wood, furniture is created in an absolutely surprising style.

We must stop building "dead". Nature contains so many powerful materials that already look so beautiful in their born form from Mother Earth, breathing new "life" into even a "dead" room.

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