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Somos Organicos - Burning Mountain inTrance

There are many ways to see through the veils of our day to day life, our history or our decisions, and a very powerful tool is dancing and movement. Since over 15 years Somos Organicos have been exploring rhythms and sound, which help us to go into trance to take us on a clarifying journey through our inner world. With Somos Organicos, musicians and dancers go on an exploratory journey through the landscapes of our inner worlds. Each dance is an unwritten dialog of sound and movement, which is always newly created by musicians and dancers. Earthy drums give us roots and take us down deep. Fiery rhythms give us the power to meet the stones on our path with responsibility. Fresh Waters take the last ashes from us, let us get flexible and show us the form for our, yes, our own flow. In the dance with the air we are free and clear, focusing with razor-sharp vision and letting the winds bring change to us. Each dance has a gift for us and the price is our devotion.



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