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Thai Massage treatments

Thai Massage It's also called “The sacred dance”. It's an ancient art that helps to remove energy stagnation, brings vitality to the body and calm to the mind. It also dissolves muscle tension and promotes deep relaxation. In Thailand, Thai massage is usually considered part of traditional Thai medicine. The manipulations, in fact, according to tradition, are carried out with the intention of stimulating the energy channels - called "Sen" - that run through the body of each individual. In this way, it should facilitate the restoration of the correct flow of energy in the organism. About me: My name is Matteo Gilioli and I am a socio-pedagogical educator and a holistic operator. In 2012 I started studying ayurvedic massage and I continued my journey into the world of wellness in Thailand where I studied Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai. I teach Anukalana Yoga which is a natural, fluid and complete method of practicing yoga that respects the constitution and uniqueness of each person.



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