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The mysterious Amanita Muscaria

Friday 11.00 and Saturday 11.00

Johan and Marianne are Personal Growth Facilitators with over 30 years of experience in a wide range of approaches and methods. 

Over the last few years they have been pioneering the movement of reconnecting to Amanita Muscaria, spreading the word about the amazing benefits this mushroom holds for humanity. 

They provide orientation and guidance, as well as safely held spaces for people to dive into their own mystery.

In this engaging presentation Marianne and Johan invite you to explore the fascinating world of Amanita Muscaria - far more than just another psychoactive substance. 

This remarkable mushroom has the potential to support healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental) and real transformation, and to connect us with our true Self - beyond personality and conditioning.

Drawing from their own experience and research, Marianne and Johan offer an in-depth orientation about the inner work we have to do to come into identification with our Essence and awaken to our innate creative power, and how the different substances in Amanita Muscaria and their effects on us make this mushroom an essential nutrient for our individual evolution.



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