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Umanaya - live Concert

Umanaya was born in a community on the magical island of Tenerife in winter 2022. As musicians and travellers, we had the wish to make this beautiful human tribe dance. So we all gathered our instruments, equipment and inspirations to create Organic Ecstatic Dance, music that moves our bodies, hearts and souls. The flow of life guided us to reunite Umanaya's Tribe in Switzerland to create an Organic Dance Festival, record an album, play on Ecstatic Dance Events and on the street, spreading the message of connection and authenticity. Jacek creates a beautiful soundscape with his handpan and crazy rhythms with his beatboxing and percussion instruments. Nik is making us fly with the melodies of the guitar and his effect pedals. Tiskae is adding different cosmic sounds with the didgeridoo, the mouth harp and different flutes. With all these elements we prepare a colourful journey where we improvise with the flow of the moment and interact with the movements that are present.

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