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Yulia Tauritari

She has been drawing since she was 3 years old. Painting has become a life's work. Since childhood, she has been striving to create a new, unique style or even direction.

At the age of 13 she sold her first painting, at 14 she held her first exhibition.

At the age of 18, she finished painting realism. the corporate identity began to manifest itself. she is inspired by different things, but the most important thing is positive emotions, and why is it not so important: nature, people, music, etc

. She strives to make her paintings as alive as possible, to give them movements, breathing and create them ideal for flights into the depths of the subconscious)

She also participated in the largest electronic music festivals in Russia and in festivals abroad with a gallery of fluorescent paintings and canvases.

She participated in: Unity (Israel 2017), Trimurty(2016), sun spirit 2021, solar systo(2017,2019), (abstraction,2017), bk (2018,2021), Odyssey (2021), kastry (2020), skazka(2017,2019,2020), etc.

She is a participant of the projects art for mind, psy drop and fractalica.

Her paintings are in NFT.

She is one of organizers of art for mind gallery, fractalica, acid drop.

Participated in Moscow, at the Russian art week in the house of the artist(2018),in the exhibition in the house of the Lancere in honor of the night of museums, in St. Petersburg art week(1st place, 2020), in the technoculture from the government of St. Petersburg in 2021, digital exhibition in the Russian Museum in 2021-2022году in the art of love(1st place 2020), she has exibition in art Square (2019-2021),participated in the exhibition "rave meditation" in a "flacon", exhibition tranceformation in Spain (2020),the assemblage point(2020), etc

Her paintings are sold worldwide. Even such stars of the electronic scene as shpongle, atlantida project, astral projection, broken stars, etc. They have her paintings and canvases.

In life, he strives for knowledge and creation of new things.







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