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Étienne Boschet

Self-taught pictorial alchemist, visual poet, strange sublimator. Nuance and contrast lover, colours and emotions provider. Light, harmony and ataraxia seeker. I paint in the name of the Divine, Dream and Nature, antropomorphised as the upmost delicacy of the feminine figure. My work is answering to a call that came from the depths, the abyss. A call to act for Beauty and Truth. Constant is my smile and the inebriation induced by the variety of the influences partitioning silence. From the unseen realm with Love, I excavate a meaningful and qualitative substance for your soul to feed on. May your eyes and heart be blessed, marvel and wonder at colours and Mystery. To reach mastery, long is the way still. Mystically and blissfully tinted is the practice. Magnificence is the object of my persistence. Let me take you beyond visual stimuli.



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