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Art Theme 2024: The Dragon's Tale

In the heart of the stunning Engadin Valley, beneath the watchful gaze of the Swiss Alps, lies the tranquil village of Zernez. As the sun sets over the picturesque landscapes, anticipation rises among both locals and travelers alike for the annual Burning Mountain Festival. This year's theme promises to transport attendees into the depths of an ancient and mystical legend.

Nestled directly above the festival grounds on the mountain are the impressive Macun Lakes. One in particular, known as Lai dal Dragun (Dragon’s Lake) in the local Romansh language, is the setting for an ancient and captivating legend. For centuries, tales of an mysterious and awe-inspiring creature have persisted. It is said that a mighty dragon dwells beneath the surface of these lakes, emerging from its aquatic lair only when the urge to hunt consumes it.

As the four-day Burning Mountain Festival 2024 unfolds from the 27th to the 30th of June, Zernez becomes a mystical realm where the boundaries between reality and legend blur. Attendees will find themselves drawn into the Tale of the dragon, their curiosity and wonder stoked by the mystique of Lai dal Dragun and the haunting allure of the Swiss Alps. The festival promises to be a journey into the heart of a timeless legend, where music, art, and myth unite to create an unforgettable experience.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure and be part of the magic! Will the dragon of Lai dal Dragun choose to reveal itself this year, or will its secrets remain hidden beneath the depths? Only those who venture to the Burning Mountain Festival will know for sure.

Be part of the adventure and unlock the mysteries of the dragon's tale. Embrace the power, the wonder, and the enchantment. See you at Burning Mountain Festival 2024 - The Dragon’s Tale!



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