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Burning Mountain Festival Survey 2023 Results

Dear friends of good music,

we are happy to present some results of our 2023 Burning Mountain Festival Survey!

To kick things off, the survey got 535 replies, of which 51,6 were female, 47,8% were male, and 0.2% were non-binary.

From Europe to America and beyond, here are the countries that YOU, our global community, call home:

Into the actual results!

We are super happy that we received an overall rating of 8,9 out of 10 on average!

Mind-blowing: a whopping 95% plan to be onboard in 2024!

Interesting insights into music genres: next to Psy & progressive trance, techno is in the top 3 before DarkPsy & Forest!

Besides that - the entrance situation this year was far from optimal. We apologize for the sometimes very long waiting times and promise to improve this area!

A topic that has also been mentioned quite a few times is the shower situation. We are aware of the topic and will look for possible improvements. The current situation in Zernez makes it difficult for us to improve the subject, but more information will come some time later in a separate blog entry.

Many thanks again to all which filled the survey! Your answers gave us super valuable insights into the festival and helps us to make Burning Mountain 2024 even better!


your Burning Crew



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