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Neutrino is a big scale Light Installation which deals in a poetical manner with the subatomic world, a level of order which we can not yet fully understand. Neutrinos are created in some of the most powerful events in cosmology, such as supernovas, nuclear reactions which take place in the core of a star, or during the spin-down of a neutron star. That is the reason why we found very attractive the idea of an artistical depiction of this very special elementary particle. The installation is a 4 meters diameter simmetrical Icosahedron made of an aluminium structure to which 150 meters of led strips are attached. This three-dimensional object is treated in its lightning concept to display powerful abstracts patterns, letting the audience play with their own imagination about the subatomic world. The object can be very easily placed on the ground, or hung from different structures, including a crane. In order to intensify the experience of the audience, we present as well the piece with a specially composed soundscape if requested. This piece is a co-creation between Circus Lumineszenz and Markus Anders Art.



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