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Announcing Presale date for 2024

🌄🎉🕉️ Burning Mountain 2024 Pre-Sale Alert 🕉️🎉🌄

Hey Cosmic Wanderers, Starship Astronauts, and Sacred Geometry Enthusiasts! 🌌

Get your third eyes focused and your chakras aligned because we've got news hotter than a solar flare! 🔥🌞 The universe has spoken, and it said, "Duuuude, presale for Burning Mountain 2024 starts SOON!" 🌠

That's right, humans and extra-terrestrials alike! The most transcendental, astral-oozing, mountain-shaking psytrance festival is back in the Swiss Alps! Dates? June 27-30, 2024. Location? in Zernez, right in the holy Swiss Alps. A spot so sacred even the mountain goats have learned to dance. 🐐💃🕺

And because we know you're all about that perfect synchronicity: the presale starts on October 10, 2023, at 10.10 AM LOCAL TIME. That's a lot of 10s, folks, so you know it's gonna be a 10/10 experience!

It's like the cosmic DJ lined up the beat just right—10:10 PM, on 10/10. (The only way it could be more aligned is if we started at 11:11, but we didn't want to mess with your wish-making schedule.) 🌟✨

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Put on your favorite psytrance playlist. 🎶

  2. Do a ritual dance around your WiFi router for good internet connection. 🕺💃📶

  3. Channel your inner shaman to harness the powers of the virtual cart. 🛒🌈

  4. Be READY at 10 PM CET on October 10 to click faster than a darkpsy BPM. 💻🖱️💨

Don't miss out! There are limited "Early Astral Traveler" tickets that come with a free soul cleansing and a kaleidoscopic aura upgrade. (Okay, maybe not, but they are discounted, and that's almost as good, right?) 🎟️💫

Dust off your spaceship, pack your best unicorn onesie, and come ready to dance like no one—or everyone—is watching! 🦄🚀

Let's trance-form reality together! 🌌🎉

Peace, Love, and Infinite Cosmic Bass Drops, The Burning Mountain Crew 🏔️🎵✌️

P.S. No mountain goats were harmed in the making of this festival. But some were seen vibing. 🐐🎵✌️



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