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Rapé Ceremony

Reconnect, find balance, find inner peace.

Rapé is a shamanic medicine that has been used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years. The preparation of ground herbs from the Amazon plays an important role in their tribal culture and history. The main ingredient is Nicotiana rustica, a stronger tobacco that is 20 times stronger than Nicotiana tabacum. Nevertheless, Rapè has nothing to do with the local smoking tobacco.

Depending on which plants are used, rapé can have a stimulating and cleansing effect. When taken during shamanic ceremonies, it can induce profound experiences. The shamans regard rapé as sacred. They take it for prayer rituals, to call upon the forces of nature for healing purposes and to receive the blessings of the rainforest. It is believed that indigenous tribes in South America used tobacco for various purposes as far back as the Mayan civilization. Each tribe has its own rapé.

Your rapé experience depends on the type of rapé you consume. We have therefore prepared several varieties for you.

Rapè is a very clarifying medicine. Afterwards you feel relaxed and reorganized. It can also be said that rapè balances the chakras. Every journey is different - but deeply transformative. It is best to think of an intention for your journey beforehand - then you can listen to the answers that the medicine tells you in silence to the accompaniment of music.

If you hear the call and are ready to connect with medicine, please join our circle.

We look forward to you



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