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Timothy Fritz

I'm Timothy Fritz my artist name is TrippinInk, a self-taught artist who has been creating intricate line art pieces for over a decade.

My work is characterized by complex patterns and shapes created by layering multiple lines on top of each other.

I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including traditional art, geometry and nature.

Prior to my career as an artist, I was active in the local graffiti scene. I worked on my craft for years,

trying out different techniques and mediums and collaborating with other artists.

However, over time I found myself increasingly drawn to the world of psychedelic art and eventually found my niche in the world of complex line art.

In addition to my line art, I am currently working on a new project that is colorful and made with acrylic paints.

It's a break from my usual black and white work, but it's been an exciting challenge to experiment with new colors and techniques.

Although I have no fixed expectations, I am excited to see where my creativity will take me.

I have exhibited my work in galleries and festivals around the world and collaborated with various other artists on projects.

For me, creating art is a deeply personal journey and I am always striving to push myself and my art to new heights.

Alongside my work as an artist, I have also worked as a decorator in a nightclub.

This experience has given me the opportunity to explore different techniques and mediums that I have incorporated into my art.

I am always looking for new ways to express myself through my art and my work is constantly evolving and changing.

Overall, I am deeply committed to my craft and I continue my journey,

to push the boundaries of psychedelic art through my constant exploration of new techniques and ideas so am always looking for ways to

to evolve and challenge myself creatively. So far, I primarily worked with black ink. However, this year my focus was on my new series "A World of Plastic" and the new medium acrylic.

I am looking forward to presenting my works to you personally at the festival!



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